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The Winter of Our Discontent - John Steinbeck, Susan Shillinglaw An interesting and effervescent novel. The central topic in this book regards an idea which appeals to me- whether it is more possible to succeed in life wholeheartedly following ethical morals or on the pretext of following some given morals, rather than completely coasting along a highway of profligacy and lunacy. Apart from the protagonist, who appears to shift gears between the three aforementioned modes all throughout the plotline, there is a complete set of male and female characters surrounding him who demonstrate almost religious adherence to one or two of these lifestyles.

Each of these characters affect the protagonist in a profuse manner- personally, I cannot weigh up how much each one of the influences produced a positive of negative effect on the protagonist, but it's evident that the pressures which these very same people have placed on him caused him to succumb to the temptations these influences provided. This is alongside with Steinbeck's characteristic connotations of irony and abasement in his writing, causing me to feel wrapped in a complex and diverse web of emotions and relations as I progressed through the book. The ending had a rather offbeat swing to it, but I suppose that it's the only kind of ending it needed, really.