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A Handbook to Luck - Cristina Garcia This book was about three seemingly mediocre people, but with interesting problems and dilemmas,and how each of their lives intersected, all by coincidence-A Cuban boy with an apparent gift for mathematics, a magician father, and the legacy of his deceased mother (who was killed during a performance with his father); An Iranian girl from a wealthy family; a poor woman from El Salvador. I enjoyed the book partly because of the historical themes- many events in the book and attitudes are from times I am certain I will never experience, made to be easily immersed in by Gracia's fluid, concise prose. The book deals with the irony of fate, the erroneous nature of love and various personal issues, often psychological. Gracia deals with her deep themes neither heavily nor lightly- the effect is that the book is not one you are likely to mull over for a time afterwards, which I admittedly indulge in from time to time...