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An Enemy of the People - Henrik Ibsen I felt that is that this play is relevant in every European municipality, and is not at all outdated. Here the central character is faced with the dilemma of acting in the interest of health rather than the town's mayor's interests when , as the health inspector of the town's Baths, he discovers that the water pipes are causing users of the Baths to fall ill. Although the Mayor, who happens to be his brother, declares that there is too little evidence for the Baths to be officially declared to be unfit for use, he remains hopeful that the 'compact majority', the common townsdwellers will support his campaign to make the town's very pulse a safer place unanimously and thus will force the Mayor to act. However he discovers that once faced with the fact that the Baths will be closed for two years and result in economic recession for the town, the townspeople refuse to support the plan. Moreover, when told at a public meeting by the Mayor that his brother is basically an attention-seeker, the people readily believe him and label the seeker of justice ' an enemy of the people'. This is sadly something that never changes. Even the most justice loving people can be a manipulated by greedy rulers when having the question 'do you care for the future of your family?' being used by the ruling class against the commoners, who find it not so easy to provide for themselves. This play should become more heard of, to keep people in check by compelling them to relate to their current circumstances- but that wouldn't be too convenient, would it? I couldn't help but enjoy the endurance of the main character-despite the fact he has his windows shattered and no one 'dares to' employ him, he still doesn't flee to the New World as he was advised to, and decides to continue working for his cause. If only there were more people as persistent as him...