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The Bloody Reign of Slayer - Joel McIver I found this book completely by accident in the local library's biography section, sandwiched between a Green Day biography and some other volume about another band I don't hold much regard for. I was very excited- I enjoy metal music very much, and it's not every day you find a well-written book about a band that, albeit, is not your favourite, however all the same you respect very much.
The initial excitement waned at a steep rate as I realised that a great proportion of the book regarded things that I had already learned otherwise. I was also annoyed by the way the author felt obliged to stick in his 5 cents every so often- the ignobleness was difficult to overlook. If the author had been involved in the band somehow, perhaps I would be more lenient with his views. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the excerpts from interviews I had not read about earlier. The way the band's history was reconciled in a shelved, biographical manner for easy reference if necessary also appealed to me. Perhaps I would have been more enthusiastic about this book if I were more of a Slayer fan, but the fact remains that I think this book deserves no more than three stars.