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August - Bernard Beckett I am certain my mind will continue to linger over this tale for quite some time afterwards. I really enjoyed Beckett's idea of mixing philosophy and physics together- I think the author did a pretty good job of it overall.
The philosophy I referred to concerned that of the human soul, to why the 'children of the night' (aka street kids) are regarded as soulless in this dystopian society, as well as the difference between 'deciding' and 'acting, 'freedom' and 'will' (or whether there is a difference at all), along with others . The book explored the idea of whether following your instinct and sense of fighting against injustice is an action of freedom or not, and if so why it is so. I was impressed by this book because it did not finish predictably, and ironically I began to feel like the character's dilemma was being reflected back on to me as I read this book. Read the book yourself, and you'll discover what I mean.