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Billy T: The Life and Times of Billy T. James - Matt Elliott I found this biography an exceptionally informative and entertaining piece of reading. I learned a significant amount about the legendary Kiwi comedian Billy T. James' life, personality and career, and highly appreciated the snippets of of James' finest comic sketches tossed into this wonderful pastiche at various stages, which served not only to entertain the reader but to serve as a link between the author's research of the James' background and the jokes that James cracked. I also had to highly appreciate the candour in which the author, a stand-up comedy veteran, wrote the book. I find that when all too often when non athletes/ performers take on writing boigraphies about performers and athletes, they often fail to understand how difficult it actuallly is and how much work is requiredin order to be able to perform effectively, which frustrates me as a competitive sportsperson. Elliott completely empathises James' shortcomings, when he had them, and understands the mechanics working behind the entertainment industry, which made the book all the more interesting and comfortable to read.