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Самоубийство: Зачем Гитлер напал на Советский Союз? - Виктор Суворов, Viktor Suvorov I found it very, very difficult to tear myself away from this book. The author certainly knows how to engage the audience in his writing. He specifically aims to steer clear of the monotonous writing style often found in many Russian history books, which he claims prevented many people from thoroughly reading them and discovering their rather obvious inconsistencies. I have to say that reading this book gave the perspective of the Second World War I held so far quite a battering- I had not considered many things he postulated in this work. However, I felt that his analysis was somewhat one-sided, and I am not certain if some aspects are completely accurate. All the same, it is a well-structured book and a very compelling read. I would recommend it to anyone interested in an alternative view of how the Second World War started.